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Catalyst Consulting Partners LLC is a small (by choice) boutique professional services firm founded as a woman-owned business almost twenty years ago. Our two principals have a unique breadth of knowledge and experience in consulting, facilitation, strategic planning, coaching, leadership, training, and organization development — all of which we apply to every project.

We specialize in Sparking Transformation™ for our clients and their organizations. We design and facilitate meetings, retreats, workshops, training sessions, and projects that produce breakthrough results —at the organizational, team, and/or individual levels.

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All of our facilitation projects are custom-designed to meet the needs and desired outcomes of the session. Any or all of the tools and techniques available may be employed in a facilitation setting, as appropriate. This is a Catalyst core competency, and we employ a thorough planning approach to meeting design and facilitation.

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We help you define your strategies and develop consensus road maps to actually implement those strategies: define or refine your mission, vision, and guiding behavioral principles; outline your organization’s business model/value proposition; and define strategic pillars, goals, objectives, metrics, and/or action items. We also follow-up after the session.

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We design and facilitate workshops that improve individual, team, and leadership performance — all of which leads to improved business outcomes and results. To that end, we can employ a variety of individual and team diagnostic assessments, including Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, MBTI®, FIRO®, and TKI®.

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Why use a Professional Facilitator?

Meetings are a fact of organizational life! But not all meetings are created equal. Some are routine… but others are crucial to your organization’s future. Some meetings simply matter more! An outside facilitator is generally not a wise investment for your run-of the-mill, standard meeting. But a professional meeting facilitator may be essential to the success of your Meetings That Matter Most™.

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