Every day in the US, there are more than 36 million meetings, many of which are ineffective and unproductive. The cost of these poor meetings is more than $37 billion per year. What a waste!

Have you ever experienced a poorly organized and poorly run meeting? Remember your frustration?

Not all meetings, workshops or retreats warrant consideration of an outside professional facilitator. But what about your most important meetings? You know, the ones that will impact your organization's future.

These are the ones we can help you with!

We are Catalyst, the Facilitation Experts

Catalyst Consulting Partners LLC is boutique professional services firm founded as a woman-owned business almost fifteen years ago. Our two principals have a unique breadth of knowledge and experience in consulting, facilitation, coaching, leadership, training and organization development — all of which we apply to every project.

We specialize in designing and facilitating meetings, retreats, workshops, training courses and special projects that produce breakthrough results. In other words, we focus on ensuring the success of your Meetings that Matter Most℠.


Why use a Professional Facilitator?

Meetings are a fact of organizational life! But not all meetings are created equal. Some are routine... but others are crucial to your organization's future. Some meetings simply matter more! An outside facilitator is generally not a wise investment for your run-of the-mill, standard meeting. But a professional meeting facilitator may be essential to the success of your Meetings that Matter Most℠.

How We Can Help

Our capabilities and expertise are a strong match for the following:

Meeting Facilitation

All of our facilitations are custom-designed to meet the needs and desired outcomes of the session. Any or all of the tools and techniques available may be employed in a facilitation setting, as appropriate. This is a Catalyst core competency, and we employ a thorough planning approach to meeting design and facilitation.

Strategic Planning

We use customized approaches to conducting an environmental scan; developing mission, vision, and guiding behavioral principles; outlining your organization’s business model/value proposition; and defining strategic pillars, goals, objectives, metrics, and/or action items.

Team Effectiveness

We believe that effective teams lead to more effective meetings, which lead to improved business outcomes and results. To that end, we can employ a variety of individual and team diagnostic assessments, including DiSC®, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, MBTI®, FIRO®, and TKI®.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Our approach to facilitating Meetings that Matter Most℠ typically involves three phases:

  • pre-meeting (e.g., planning-to-plan, confidential interviews, document reviews, pre-work, surveys, etc.),
  • the meeting itself, and
  • post-meeting (e.g., meeting documentation, follow-up surveys, execution reviews, plus/delta, etc.).
Our professional fees are always based upon the complete project (i.e., all three phases), so that your costs are known up-front. We've found that this approach encourages our clients to call upon us at any time throughout the project without concern that the “meter is running.”

Our work is also guaranteed — we will commit as much time as necessary to fulfill the outlined objectives and meet the agreed-to time frames. No risk!

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Facilitation Experts

One of our two principals is the primary contact and project lead on each engagement — you work with our principals, not contractors.

  • During pre-contracting, we seek to develop clear and deep understanding of the situation and context, project scope, and desired outcomes. We view this as an opportunity to fully explore fit.
  • During contracting, Catalyst seeks consensus regarding approaches, deliverables, and communication preferences and schedules. Your total project costs are also set at this point.
  • During the engagement, we seek clear, ongoing communication and feedback with our project sponsor(s) and partner(s), allowing for any course corrections that may be beneficial to the overall quality of the project; and
  • At project completion, we seek full debriefing with our project sponsor(s) and partner(s) and are happy to provide follow-up communication or check-ins as deemed useful.

“I would not have believed that this group of individuals could have gotten this far in this little time. We couldn’t have done it without you!”CEO of global CPG firm
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