Facilitation Projects:

  • Innovation Sessions

    Designed and facilitated multi-day innovation, business model, and market development sessions for multiple divisions of global military and civil aviation market supplier leading to clear and focused innovation roadmap for each division.

  • Board Meetings

    Ongoing design and facilitation of quarterly Board meetings for large regional retailer experiencing record growth over period of engagement.

  • Partners' Retreat

    Designed and facilitated Partners’ retreat for large regional law firm in order to air issues threatening firm continuity. Taught skills in area of crucial conversations, developed behavioral agreements for interaction, and defined roles and responsibilities to reduce friction going forward.

  • Stakeholder Meetings and Task Forces

    Designed and facilitated multiple stakeholder meetings and task forces to air diverse viewpoints and develop guidelines and standards related to and mandated by passage of federal statute. Developed stakeholder support for standards and guidelines and identified common ground among disparate stakeholders for moving forward.

Strategic Planning Projects:

  • Energy Firm Strategic Plan

    Designed and facilitated multi-day session for senior global leaders of diversified oil and gas service provider. Defined shift in investment priorities leading to accelerated growth.

  • Trade Association Strategic Plan

    Designed and facilitated multi-day session for board of major trade association. Developed clear 3-year strategy and plan to guide resource allocation and outreach and achieve objectives.

  • Business Model and Value Proposition Innovation

    Engagements with multiple global business units of surface technology conglomerate. Defined value propositions for each, leading to clearer focus on particular customer segments and adjustment of business models for improved growth and profitability.

  • Annual Strategic Planning Process

    Ongoing multi-year relationship with manufacturer of high-end smokers and barbecue technology. Established mission and vision statements, developed first strategic plan, and established senior-level team. Annually update plan in multi-day session combined with team development. Company has streamlined product offerings, clarified value propositions, and modified business models for improved growth and profitability.

Team Effectiveness Projects:

  • Senior Team Development

    Ongoing, decade-long relationship with C-suite senior team of multi-billion dollar global consumer products manufacturer, serving as team’s de facto “chief strategy officer.” Focus on team development and facilitation, including consultation on organization design, innovation, and product and market strategy as well as individual coaching and mentoring. Team consistently achieves organizational and financial objectives.

  • Synchronize Board and Management Team Expectations

    Long-term engagement with corporation owned by federally recognized American Indian Tribe. Worked with Board and Management Team to establish expectations and develop cohesive and effective management team to revitalize and oversee operations of its entertainment properties. Board expectations were clarified, strategic planning process was put in place, and management performance and business outcomes improved.

  • Conflict Resolution and Performance Improvement

    Worked with product development team of aviation-related mission systems group experiencing conflict and poor performance. Clarified team purpose and goals, team member roles and responsibilities, improved cohesion, and established clear behavioral working norms. Conflict decreased and stalled products moved forward in development pipeline.

  • Underperforming Team

    Worked with manufacturer of chemical compounds used in the semiconductor industry to improve functioning in underperforming team engaged in unproductive conflict. Established clear statement of purpose and behavioral working norms and improved conflict resolution processes and skills.

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