What Should You Expect From a
Strategic Planning Session?

If you’re thinking about strategic planning, then you probably feel that you and your business can do better. You have ASPIRATIONS – they may be relatively modest or they may be “Big Hairy and Audacious.” In either case, a well-designed and professionally-facilitated session can launch you and your business toward your new, brighter future. Your strategic planning session should…

Create Organizational

When we ask meeting invitees before their session what they most want to achieve, 90% of the time they tell us they want CLARITY. Where are we headed? How will we be successful in the future? Who will do what by when – and how will we hold each other accountable? What if things change (and they always change)?

Reinforce Collaboration & Accountability

One of the greatest benefits of a well-run session is the opportunity for you and your colleagues to work ON the business not IN it – and to do so together, as a leadership TEAM. True teams focus on the business, as a whole, and not just their own functions. They realize that strategic planning is all about the big picture.

Produce an Action Plan That Drives Results

The point of having a strategic planning session is to articulate a desired future state (e.g., more revenue, more customers, higher returns, liquidity event, etc.) and to agree on an action plan that will move the business toward that new horizon. Poor action planning leads to weak execution and weak results.

We are Catalyst, the Strategic Planning Experts

Catalyst Consulting Partners LLC is a boutique professional services firm founded as a woman-owned business almost fifteen years ago. Our two principals have a unique breadth of knowledge and experience in consulting, facilitation, coaching, leadership, training and organization development — all of which we apply to every strategic planning facilitation project.

We specialize in designing and facilitating strategic planning meetings, workshops and retreats that produce breakthrough results. No meetings are more important than those that focus on shaping and executing winning strategies for your future — and this is our specialty!

Over the past 15 years, we have helped dozens of organizations of all sizes and across the full spectrum of business types to:
  • better understand their current situation;
  • articulate a desired future state (i.e., where they want to be at some point in the future);
  • explore how to get from here to there, in both theory and practice; and
  • align around a detailed action plan for achieving breakthrough results.
If you would like to talk with us about whether we are a good fit to help you and your organization create a strategic plan that doesn't just collect dust on a shelf but actually drives action, accountability and results, please give us a call or shoot us a note using the form below.


Strategic Planning Experts

One of our two principals is the primary contact and project lead on each strategic planning engagement — you work with our experienced principals, not contractors.

  • During pre-contracting, we seek to develop clear and deep understanding of the situation and context, project scope, and desired outcomes. We view this as an opportunity to fully explore fit.
  • During contracting, Catalyst seeks consensus regarding approaches, deliverables, and communication preferences and schedules. Your total project costs are also set at this point.
  • During the engagement, we seek clear, ongoing communication and feedback with our project sponsor(s) and partner(s), allowing for any course corrections that may be beneficial to the overall quality of the project; and
  • At project completion, we seek full debriefing with our project sponsor(s) and partner(s) and are happy to provide follow-up communication or check-ins as deemed useful.

“I would not have believed that this group of individuals could have gotten this far in this little time. We couldn’t have done it without you!”Andy Hill, President & CEO of Jarden Consumer Solutions
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The Strategic Planning Cycle

When working with our strategic planning clients, we often use our "Shaping and Executing Strategy Model" (shown below) to help guide the meeting, retreat or project.

Sometimes the challenge is to define or rethink an organization's fundamental building blocks like Mission, Vision, Business Model, Value Proposition or Strategic Pillars. We label this part of the strategic planning process "Destination Setting."

Many of our clients, on the other hand, are comfortable with their strategic "building blocks" but need help developing consensus mid-term Goals, and the Strategies that will help them accomplish those goals. We label this part of the strategic planning process "Flight Planning" — you set goals and develop plans to accomplish those goals.

Once an organization's mid-term Goals are set and general Strategies agreed to, the next step is to establish annual Objectives and detailed Action Plans to accomplish those objectives. This is the "Navigating" phase of the process when adjustments and course corrections will undoubtedly need to be made.

We are comfortable and experienced working with our clients across all aspects of this planning and execution cycle. We don't force-fit a "canned" solution; we help our clients focus just on those elements of the strategic planning process that will create the most value for them and their businesses. This is how our clients consistently achieve breakthrough results.

Methods and Tools

Catalyst employs a variety of methods and tools in our engagements, in order to ensure the best fit with our client's desired outcomes, corporate culture, and preferences.

Strategic Planning Definitions

Return on Investment

Chief Executive Magazine recently noted that "Few initiatives in the business world can consistently generate enough ROI to compete with what a well-planned and well-executed executive retreat can do for you and your team." We couldn't agree more!

What's it worth to have your entire team focused on accomplishing the same objectives? No distractions? No silos? No wasted time or money?

What's it worth to you to actually achieve your aspirations; to reach your 3 to 5 year goals?

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