Are Your People and Culture Strengths or Weaknesses?

Smart versus Healthy

Smart organizations are good at the business basics like strategy, marketing, finance, and technology.  But being smart is not enough!

The most successful organizations are both smart and healthy.

Is your organization healthy?

A good way to recognize health is to look for the signs that indicate your organization has it. What are those signs?

Minimal Politics

Minimal Confusion

Great Communication

High Morale

High Productivity

Low Turnover

How’d you do?


Workshops That Impact People & Culture

We can help!


Cynthia Waisner, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Managing Partner

We’ve been designing and facilitating workshops that improve individual, team, and leadership performance for almost twenty years. Our clients range from global brands such as Bayer, BDO, and Gucci to entrepreneurial startups looking for their first profits to national associations like the School Nutrition Association. The organizations we work with are very different…but the challenges they face and their need to improve organizational health is common ground.

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Glen Waisner, M.B.A

Managing Partner

We design and facilitate workshops that address...

Culture Change

Having leaders that walk the talk is an essential lever of successful culture change.  Help your leaders make the connection between their personal styles and effective leadership behaviors with tools such as Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders.

Conflict Resolution

Build awareness around personal productive and destructive conflict behaviors and develop appropriate and shared conflict behaviors in a team or organization. Tools such as Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict can accelerate progress.

Emotional Intelligence

Explore the four emotional intelligence (EI) domains:  self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.  Achieve better results by improving EI across your organization. 

Sales Training

Customers have different needs and approaches when making purchase decisions. Tools such as Everything DiSC® Sales will help your sales team quickly and accurately assess customer buying styles and adapt to their specific needs.


Tools such as Everything DiSC® Workplace to provide safe, non-judgmental language for exploring communication styles and tendencies and developing group norms for enhanced performance.

Employee Engagement

A sense of belonging is a known driver of employee engagement. Help associates form and maintain meaningful connections with shared tools and language.


Help new members adapt seamlessly to their teams using Everything DiSC® Workplace. Help them quickly understand their co-worker’s styles with MyEverthingDiSC®.

Customer Experience

Help your customer service reps understand customer buying styles and better respond to customer needs. Connect with customers more consistently and confidently.

Executive Coaching

Provide clear feedback and develop relevant goals using tools such as Everything DiSC© Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders.

New Leader Assimilation

Help teams and organizations quickly adapt to new leadership using tools such as Everything DiSC® Workplace and MyEverythingDiSC®.

Team Development

Whether your team is new or established, we can help you to build cohesion, establish trust, and develop group norms. We can also help you achieve true collaboration.

Management Development

Give your managers the tools and information they need to direct, develop, motivate, and delegate more effectively.

what people and culture challenges are you facing?


Trusted by...




Jerry Zuchowicki
President/GM of North America & EMEA for Newell Brands

Always Willing to Address the “Elephant in the Room”

It’s one thing to claim to be a “trusted adviser,” but quite another to deliver on that promise – and Glen does! As a member of the JCS Executive Team, I worked with Glen for years as he provided facilitation and consulting services across a host of strategic areas of our business. He was always willing to address the “elephant in the room” and help us navigate and align around some tough issues. And he never let us forget “Glen’s Rule” that “no business can outperform its leadership team long-term.” Glen would be a true asset to any business leader looking to accelerate success in their marketplace and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Mary Ann Knaus
Founder at Aquarius Group and Former SVP at Jarden Consumer Solutions

Professional and Objective Facilitator

Glen quickly assesses organizational dynamics, challenges and issues from which he facilitates tough, honest, open dialog and effective resolution. No matter the issue or challenge, Glen facilitates productive dialog and effectively leads sessions, managing divergent points of view to consensus and action. Glen diplomatically surfaces organizational blockers in an engaging fashion, encouraging participation, problem solving and commitment to accountability. As an experienced professional and objective facilitator, any executive team would benefit from Glen’s engagement.


Adele J Suddes
Former Vice President Communications at Textron

One of the Best Investments I’ve Ever Made

I hired Cynthia for several years when I was employed at Textron and leading its senior executive marketing council and senior executive communications council. Both groups were comprised of very diverse and opinionated executive leaders. Also in both groups were 2-3 individuals who tended to be argumentative and seemed to enjoy de-railing meetings and exploring rat holes. Bringing Cynthia in to help me plan our monthly meetings so that the meeting goals were achieved was one of the best investments I have ever made professionally.  If you are looking for expert assistance to help you bring a group of people together around a vision, mission, goals or action plans: you will find no one better than Cynthia.

What do our workshop projects include?

We work closely with project sponsors to articulate detailed learning objectives and workshop expectations and deliverables. Each workshop project is unique and customized, but our team development workshops almost always include three phases:

Prior to the Workshop

This is often the most important phase of a workshop project. Well before the event itself, we spend as much time as necessary with project sponsors to understand their expectations and goals, and to set learning objectives. We review background and other pertinent material. We may distribute pre-work, surveys, online assessments, or thought-starter questions. And we may talk with some or all planned attendees in advance to understand their perspectives and aspirations regarding the upcoming session. 

During the Workshop

This is when the magic (i.e, learning) happens! With a clear understanding of the desired learning objectives and work products to be generated during the workshop always in mind, we guide participants on a journey that is custom designed to yield desired results. 

Our goal is make the learnings embedded in our workshops “sticky.” We want there to be a long-lasting impact from our workshops.

After the Workshop

Within a few days of the completion of your session, we provide written documentation of the session’s conclusions and outputs (if any). This document reminds participants of the work they did together and the commitments they’ve made to each other and your organization. 

We also connect with you by phone or video conference to debrief your workshop, discuss execution, and provide suggestions for on-going success.

What do our workshop projects cost?

Our professional fees are always based upon the project, so that you can call upon us at any time without concern that the “meter is running.”  Our work is also guaranteed, and we will commit as much time as necessary to fulfill the outlined objectives and meet the agreed-to time frames.

Our typical professional fee for a custom-designed people and culture workshop typically ranges between $3,900 and $8,900 (depending on workshop duration, numbers of attendees, tools and assessments, etc.). This fee includes all three of the phases outlined above, along with the costs of whatever learning assessments or instruments we may use during your workshop.


Recent Projects

Here are few examples of recent people and culture projects:

Innovation Sessions

Designed and facilitated multi-day innovation, business model, and market development sessions for multiple divisions of global military and civil aviation market supplier leading to clear and focused innovation road-map for each division.

Board Meetings

Ongoing design and facilitation of quarterly Board meetings for large regional retailer experiencing record growth over period of engagement.

Partners’ Retreat

Designed and facilitated Partners’ retreat for large regional law firm in order to air issues threatening firm continuity. Taught skills in area of crucial conversations, developed behavioral agreements for interaction, and defined roles and responsibilities to reduce friction going forward.

Stakeholder Meetings and Task Forces

Designed and facilitated multiple stakeholder meetings and task forces to air diverse viewpoints and develop guidelines and standards related to and mandated by passage of federal statute. Developed stakeholder support for standards and guidelines and identified common ground among disparate stakeholders for moving forward.

Business Model and Value Proposition Innovation

Engagements with multiple global business units of surface technology conglomerate. Defined value propositions for each, leading to clearer focus on particular customer segments and adjustment of business models for improved growth and profitability.

Senior Team Development

Ongoing, multi-year relationship with C-suite team of multi-billion dollar global consumer products manufacturer, serving as team’s de facto “chief strategy officer.” Focus on team development and facilitation, including consultation on organization design, innovation, and product and market strategy as well as individual coaching and mentoring. Team consistently achieves organizational and financial objectives.

Synchronize Board and Management Team Expectations

Long-term engagement with corporation owned by federally recognized American Indian Tribe. Worked with Board and Management Team to establish expectations and develop cohesive and effective management team to revitalize and oversee operations of its entertainment properties. Board expectations were clarified, strategic planning process was put in place, and management performance and business outcomes improved.

Conflict Resolution and Performance Improvement

Worked with product development team of aviation-related mission systems group experiencing conflict and poor performance. Clarified team purpose and goals, team member roles and responsibilities, improved cohesion, and established clear behavioral working norms. Conflict decreased and stalled products moved forward in development pipeline.

Under-performing Team

Worked with manufacturer of chemical compounds used in the semiconductor industry to improve functioning in under-performing team engaged in unproductive conflict. Established clear statement of purpose and behavioral working norms and improved conflict resolution processes and skills.

Project Post-Mortem

Designed and facilitated a 2-day post-mortem of a multi-billion-dollar global energy project. Participants identified headwinds and tailwinds, communication barriers, etc. and agreed upon corrective actions to be applied to other on-going projects.

Customer Advisory Board

Worked with customer engagement team and senior leaders of a SaaS business to prepare for a 1-day Customer Advisory Board meetings. Facilitated CAB meeting, including various breakout sessions.

Everything DiSC® Workshops

Conducted workshops for several hundred employees of a retail luxury brand using a number of Everything DiSC® tools. Workshops improved salesperson self-awareness and taught retail personnel how to better relate to various buying styles.